Brand Survey

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Brand Survey
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2. How aware are you of Return Path's offerings in the data and software industry?
Not awareVery aware
3. Please select the types of services you know Return Path offers in the data and software industry. 
4. What is your level of understanding of Return Path's solutions?
4. What is your level of understanding of Return Path's solutions?012345678910
Email Optimization
Email Fraud Protection
Consumer Insight
Data as a Service
5. Which three words best describe Return Path's position in the data and software industry? 
6. When looking for data and software products, how likely are you to consider Return Path first as the solution?
7. Based on your understanding of Return Path’s solutions, do you view Return Path as a leader within the software industry?
8. Do you feel the Return Path website provides enough information for you to understand the products and services?
If you are a Return Path customer, how likely is it that you would recommend Return Path to a colleague?